At the Well is : Solomon Behnke  - Lead Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Guitars, Synth
                            Cory Jacobson  -  Lead Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Piano

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At the Well - BIO

Solomon Behnke and Cory Jacobson, two Wisconsin natives, were playing in different bands approximately 10 years ago. Their bands played several shows together and they developed a mutual respect for one another's musical talents. As time went on, Solomon enrolled in a Fine Arts program at Memphis College of Art, and Cory built a recording studio in the basement of his home in Wisconsin. Although on different paths, the two kept in contact with each other, always contemplating the possibility of a collaborative project.

While living and attending college in Memphis, Solomon wrote a few tunes which he recorded in Nashville with ex-bandmate Tony Megna. Meanwhile, Cory was working on his own music in the studio he had built. After a few long distance musical discussions, the two decided to put their collaborative aspirations in motion. So upon graduation, Solomon moved to Milwaukee and the two began working on an album. In Cory’s basement studio "At the Well" was born . With their combined talents and through the wonder of multi-tracking (thanks Les Paul!) they produced their album "Finitude...the becoming of a storyteller".

"Finitude…" utilizes thick and earthy acoustic sounds, ambient and melodic lead guitars, various percussion elements, with powerful passion driven vocals and harmonies featured throughout. The albums composition has been arranged according to the ups and downs of the emotional, philosophical, and spiritual vicissitudes it invokes.